Monday, January 27, 2014

web sites of general interest

I am so tired of winter (and I assume that you are too), so I   thought I would do something different in this month's e-newsletter.

While browsing the web, I came across a few interesting sites.

The first one is 33 Amazing Ideas that will Make your House Awesome.  While none are particularly practical, I really like #5 - Beach sand under your work desk; #6 - spiral staircase slide; #14 - a wall that plays music when it rains; and if you live in a condo or apartment building, #33 - balcony pool.  Perhaps you prefer the pirate ship bedroom or the hammock over the stairs.  There's something in these pictures for everyone (even your cat). 

If Chris Hatfield turned you onto space, you can check out the photographs taken from space by Guy Lalibert√©, the founder of Cirque du Soleil. I saw some of these photos at the Thompson Landry Gallery in the Distillery District. They are works of art and some you need to stare at for a while before you can translate them to the map that you're used to seeing.  

Finally, for those of you who have a Bucket List and are curious what other people have put on their list, here are some popular ones. They range from drawing faces on all the eggs in your fridge; to go bungee jumping; to eat kangaroo meat (I think kangaroos are too cute); to put a piece of gum on the Market Theatre Gum Wall in Seattle (that I didn't know existed); to throw a dart at a map and travel to where it lands.

If nothing else, these web sites will make you forget that it's January in Toronto for a few minutes and put a smile on your face.