Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Looking to save money on Drug Prescriptions?

As you know, the cost of your prescriptions is made up of two components – the dispensing fee and the cost for the medication. There is a large variation in the cost of having your prescription filled.

One way to save some money is to select a pharmacy with lower filling fees. A recent study by Emergis was done on the average cost of dispensing fees in Ontario between July and December 2008. The results are as follows:

Pharmacy Average Dispensing Fee Submitted

Average for All Pharmacies $9.70

Costco $4.11
Pharmex (mail order) $6.69
Walmart $8.60
Zellers $9.07
Loblaws $9.22
Dominion / Miracle Mart $9.31
IDA $9.77
Pharma Plus $9.79
Shoppers Drug Mart $11.01

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