Sunday, August 7, 2011

Making a claim on your insurance

This summer I have assisted several clients making an insurance claim. Like everything else in life, they seem to come in batches. While none were happy to be making a claim, they were all pleased to receive the insurance proceeds.

Life insurance claims are straight forward – the insurance company needs a death certificate and a claim form. The money in most cases is paid out in less than a month from when you notify me. In both cases this summer (even with a mail strike), I managed to deliver the checks to the beneficiaries in about 2 weeks.

Disability claims require more time and more paperwork. The client I am working with is an employee at one of the groups I insure. I was called as soon as he was off work. The employer and employee have completed their paperwork; we’re just waiting for the doctor to submit theirs.

Do you have long term disability coverage? If you’re an employee – look at your pay stub. If you show an amount deducted beside LTD – you have Long Term Disability coverage that probably starts if you’re off work for 17 weeks. If you have an amount listed besides WI (weekly Indemnity) or STD (Short Term Disability), then you have Short Term Disability as well. As opposed to health and dental benefits, disability only protects your income and not that of your spouse.

You should review your coverage whenever there’s a change in your life. Whether you require Life Insurance to protect your family, Critical Illness Insurance to receive a lump sum payment should you get a life threatening or life altering disease or Disability Insurance to pay you monthly while you are unable to work or a combination depends on your specific situation.

Give me a call. I’d be pleased to walk you through the calculations to determine how much insurance you need and what type meets your specific need.

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