Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Year End Tax Tips

Giving gives back!
Your donations to CRA registered charities generate a 15% – 29% tax saving. Make sure to ask for an official receipt as you will not be refunded without it.

Public Transit pays off!
If you use public transit to get around, you and any eligible dependents that you have may be entitled to a 15% non-refundable tax credit. Environmentally friendly AND financially rewarding, public transport is taking you places!

Keep your receipts
No need to send your receipts when you NETFILE your tax return, although the CRA may send you a request later for:
• Medical expenses
• Charitable donations
• Child care expenses
• Spouse or child support payments
• Moving expenses
Use a big envelope or shoe box as your "official tax slip holder" and keep all tax related information there.

Save for retirement and save on your taxes!
If you invested in your RRSPs in 2011, your contributions are exempt from taxation as long as they stay in the plan. Invest early in the year to gain tax free interest on your investment and make your money work for you.

Important tax dates for tax season 2011
• Feb 13, 2012 – NETFILE Services are open
• Feb 29, 2012 - RRSP Deadline
• April 30, 2012 – Tax Filing Deadline
• June 15, 2012 – Self Employed Tax Filing Deadline
• September 30, 2012 – NETFILE services close for tax season 2011

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