Monday, February 13, 2012

30% off Ontario College & University Tuition

Are you a student or do you know a student who is eligible? Here are the conditions:

Students must be less than four years out of high school and their parents' gross income must be $160,000 or less to qualify for the grant.
Students with disabilities may receive the grant for up to six years of study.
• The grant for the current semester is $800 for students in a degree program and $365 for students in a college diploma and certificate programs.

This September the permanent 30% off tuition grant will apply to the full school year. Students in a university or college degree program will save $1,600, while students in college diploma and certificate programs will save $730.

Because the grant is calculated to be 30% off the average Ontario tuition, the amount of the grant will keep pace with any increased future costs -- meaning it will always be 30% off the price of tuition.

More than 300,000 students are eligible to receive the grant this year. Students who already receive OSAP will have their applications submitted automatically.

For more information and to apply

NOTE: Deadline to apply for the term starting January 2012 is MARCH 31, 2012

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