Friday, September 20, 2013

I have a dream

I was at a BBQ last week and as I walked in, I noticed a Get Well Card that everyone was signing - so I asked who it was for. 

One of our friends was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and was in Princess Margaret Hospital undergoing treatment.  She is too ill to get out of bed - so obviously is not working.  Her husband was recently "downsized", so her self employment income has been supporting her family and it just came to a screeching stop.  Unfortunately, she never got around to purchasing disability or critical illness insurance.  The family is concerned about how they are going to pay their basic bills - let alone additional expenses that will come up because she is ill.

So. I have a dream (two actually):

1.    To wish my friend (any everyone else who is ill) a speedy recovery

2.     To make sure that everyone I come in contact with, reviews their insurance and financial plans, to minimize the risk that you and your family will be at financial risk if the "God Forbid" happens to you.

If you need assistance - give me a call.

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