Monday, May 4, 2009

Severance package options

Hopefully we'll never need to manage through such an unpleasant contingency, but there is always a chance that you or someone you love might face a layoff in the future, particularly during this time of economic uncertainty.

You might already be acquainted or all too familiar with the vexations that come with being dismissed suddenly. When this happens, or at any other time you receive news that affects your financial plan, please contact me immediately. Not only is it your responsibility to let me know when there are "material changes" to your plan, it is usually imperative that we manage your cash flow, investments, benefit plans and the tax implications that usually accompany employee severance packages.

Although receiving a large or modest severance package can help soften the blow of losing your employment, the sudden influx of cash can have serious tax consequences if not managed properly. In some cases, it might even be beneficial to negotiate with your employer and arrange to receive severance payments after January 1.

Your life and health insurance benefits also need to be addressed rather quickly — often your group insurance can be converted into an individual policy without the need to provide medical evidence, but there might be only a short period of time to do so. Unless you are in excellent health, this could be your only chance to obtain sufficient insurance coverage at a standard rate.

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